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  1. Posted by xxglossii, — Reply

    50% of the comments are things like “mood”, “me”, and “lol”. The other 50% are things like “goddammit u tiny boy”, “throw the whole child away”, etc. Two completely different types of people yet I find myself agreeing with all of the above lmfaoooo

  2. Posted by random_stuff123, — Reply

    Y’all having school shooting drills at 3 years old?? It’s sad what the world has come to Edit: btw I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do them just to be safe. I’m saying that it’s SAD that we have to ESPECIALLY in preschools

  3. Posted by avaguerra91980, — Reply

    three years old and having shooter drills? instead of talking bout “mood” and shit, we should talk about this and how fucked up it is that BABIES need to prepare for school shootings. the world we grow up in istg.

  4. Posted by dylwright1, — Reply

    A few month ago I went through a active shooting on my campus..and let me tell you, none of the numerous shooter drills could have prepared me for what happened.

  5. Posted by thecoolannabelle, — Reply

    One time we had a shooting drill but there were no teachers and when they knocked on the door most people said “COME IN”

  6. Posted by prestonlily058, — Reply

    This is so sad that they have to have shooter drills. Imagine how terrifying growing up in this environment would be. The world has become a scary and messed up place.😕

  7. Posted by jocy_bossy, — Reply

    why is a three year old at school during a drill???? the first time I did one in kindergarten my best friend started crying all the boys were laughing and I just sort of sat there, not sure if I should laugh or cry

  8. Posted by galaxy05nova, — Reply

    Damn. It's good that y'all are being safe. I didn't even shit like this happened in the world till I got to sixth grade. Frickin exisence man

  9. Posted by madisonmortensen0, — Reply

    Imagine if one time it wasn’t a drill bit they didn’t wanna freak the kids out so they said it was and their kid yelled that out. Teach your son a few things maybe?😐

  10. Posted by catmeinert, — Reply

    He's a baby, doing what babies do. You should rather think long and hard about why you need active shooter drills in your schools and how to change that. He's not the problem.

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