Animal Crossing Apparel


Here’s the pleated skirt tutorial as requested! I’m still working on the flared skirt one. The method is simple so just play around with colours until you make your desired dress! :)


  1. Posted by kooolaidmanofficial, — Reply

    This is just what it is most of the time; for example, I’ve gotten furniture out of yellow balloons before, but they are mostly bells. Also, this post forgot one balloon, the golden balloon. These only come after you pop 300 balloons, and you get the golden slingshot diy out of it.

  2. Posted by hermannmuenzhof, — Reply

    I would describe it in a different way. You will find Bells only in Yellow ones and you will find crafting materials only in blue ones. But every Ballon can carry DIYs, furniture or cloth/accessories

  3. Posted by mitsuintheworks, — Reply

    idk if i’m stupid but i started playing a new acnl save because i don’t have acnh and how are you supposed to reach them?

  4. Posted by olivianicolelaurel, — Reply

    no one: tom nook: give me bells or lose your cells

  5. Posted by meli0742, — Reply

    I got bells also in other Ballons

  6. Posted by bbybaseball, — Reply

    I got a yellow ballon there got 30,000 bells

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