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Up to 40% off select items! Treat yourself! Fits IKEA® Alex Drawer Units: • Alex 5 Drawer • Alex 6 Drawer • Alex 9 Drawer Make getting ready a breeze by organizing liners, mascaras, concealers, powders, shadows, foundations and more in our Allie Anything Drawer Organizer. Made specifically for the IKEA Alex Drawer Units, our organizers save you time by making it easy to find your favorite products, while also keeping them in pristine condition. Material: • Premium Acrylic • Non-Slip Bumpers Included 6 Sections Full Product Dimensions: • Length: 16 1/4" • Width: 11 3/8" • Height: 2 1/8" *DISCLAIMER* We are not affiliated with IKEA® or any brands pictured in our photos. Makeup, brushes and sponges are not included.