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  1. Posted by babakbajelan, — Reply

    Well I have.... problems, with my sleep and nightmares, and actually dream about clocks all around me pretty often. I get really scared when I hear a clock tic so it’s often I nightmares....:)

  2. Posted by ramennyoodles, — Reply

    My dreams make no sense whatsoever, but my brain still thinks they're real. How on earth would I think to look for clocks when I'm zip lining with Bob Ross through a forest made of legos.

  3. Posted by cosmicxizzy, — Reply

    Clocks USUALLY(they show up in dreams sometimes but they just aren't accurate) dont show in dreams cuz time doesnt work the same way in dreams. And one time i had a dream where i went downstairs and expected to see a clock when i turned to my left, but saw no clock.

  4. Posted by coolswagcat, — Reply

    In my sleep it was nightmare about an evil man I have so many about evil men ladies iykyk but there’s was one and I said “plz tell me I’m just dreaming” then I woke up it felt so reall

  5. Posted by sellwood207, — Reply

    I once had a dream where I was alive in Alice in wonderland and I was surrounded by clocks and I didn’t do no drugs mate so check ur facts 😏😂

  6. Posted by madditeal10, — Reply

    So if you luicd dream which is were you can control your dreams and it feels like REAL LIFE so if you do it make sure to look for a clock to get out of it because half the time people cant tell if ther are awake or not some people lucid dream for hours and hours thinking there awake

  7. Posted by juliannebyrnwolf, — Reply

    I see clocks pointing to the wrong time all the time in my dreams, resulting in me thinking I'm late for work, resulting in a really exhausting dream about everything going wrong at work because of me being late.

  8. Posted by LllCielo, — Reply

    Yes. This is in general. I read in my dreams and I can also move my left arm in sleep paralysis even talk so if you think this is a fixed boundary condition...in general you are right but all around you are wrong.

  9. Posted by kadheeja_baramy, — Reply

    I talk when iam in sleep probably dreaming and also when i wake up (i mean irl) its 5:30 then i will aim for 6;00 and sleep again but in that sleep i dont see dreams but suddenly i hear a big voice and i woke up, the time was exact 6:00 am. how is this possible? ...it happend couple of times ..iam not complain 😆 .its a good thing right??

  10. Posted by chelseaannsheeh, — Reply

    But I was once able to figure out I was dreaming because there WAS a clock in my dream and because of that I noticed that time wasn't flowing correctly because you can't read time correctly in dreams?

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