Easiest 5 Minute 'Bleached Pinecones' {without Bleach!}


Make beautiful "bleached pinecones" in 5 minutes without bleach! Non-toxic & easy DIY craft, perfect for fall, winter, Thanksgiving & Christmas decorations!


  1. Posted by brndyngbld, — Reply

    I don’t like watching videos. I want written directions! Sorry, I won’t save or follow a video only post. IIf there is a written version let me know!

  2. Posted by heidilaiart, — Reply

    These pinecones look amazing! And can I also join your group board "DIY & Home Decor & Ideas" ? I make embroidered oil painting home decors.

  3. Posted by midwest_dove, — Reply

    I love the idea and its very simple and self explanatory! My grandkids..especially the older ones love helping me!!

  4. Posted by dailyspikes, — Reply

    Hi, Can I please join your board "DIY & Home Decor & Ideas"? I have a board for Home Decor. Let me know. Thanks.

  5. Posted by abfabamylynn, — Reply

    These are step by step written instructions with photos, no video. Not sure what Brenda is seeing.

  6. Posted by angelicideas, — Reply

    I have Washed pine cones and they will close..... But when they dry, they will reopen.... ;)

  7. Posted by MsD2000, — Reply

    I agree with Danielle P...step by step written instructions and pictures.

  8. Posted by dnpace, — Reply

    There is a written tutorial and it’s very simple.

  9. Posted by kingofchristmas, — Reply

    It's beautiful!

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