Kimora Lee Simmons and Tim Leissner take son Wolfe for a stroll


He may have just had his first public debut the day before, but already little Wolfe is getting a taste for the high life.


  1. Posted by noneubuisnez, — Reply

    Mmmmmmmm? Such rude comments!! Geez. That little boy looks exactly like his father & he is one damn good looking man & his hair is gorgeous. I wish my husband had some of it!! Lol

  2. Posted by syrutc, — Reply

    Lots of us love kids and having a big family. If you can pay the bills and raise them properly, why not? There are a lot of men who have babies floating around all over and are irresponsible. Nobody says anything.

  3. Posted by dorishagler, — Reply

    Well at least she not having babies by some bum as men She has her on money fell in love 3 times married 2 so what’s wrong with having a baby by them she thought it was going to last and shit happens it’s No reason to give up on love or have another baby if she wants she can afford them without child support

  4. Posted by christinajennin, — Reply

    She was married to two of the 3 fathers. Look at all the rappers that have multiple children with multiple baby mamas!

  5. Posted by MissNettasAnne, — Reply

    Damn she had another baby by yet someone else?....okay kimora girl....🙄

  6. Posted by toygirl26, — Reply

    That boy is so adorably handsome, he looks just like my nephew lol 😍🥰🥰😍

  7. Posted by monishasteele, — Reply

    She had another baby? I mean she got a child support hustle going

  8. Posted by jenniap33, — Reply

    Beautiful family u have there kimora✌️😍all the best

  9. Posted by charlyetonireal, — Reply

    If they don't cut the hair off that young man!!!!!

  10. Posted by rae_alikaj, — Reply

    Lol she's such a slore -- 3 babydaddies 😂

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