Make a Living Teepee for the Backyard


Hey, if you can make cool, cozy sod sofa for the backyard, why not also make a living teepee as a shady hideout for the little ones this summer?While there is no tutorial for this project per se, with the inspiration of these photos and a little ingenuity, it could make a pretty cool backyard project for the right space.


  1. Posted by SantaBarbarahouse, — Reply

    It's perfect! I want to make it for my children. Teepee life is a shady hiding place for children in summer. This will complement my beautiful and comfortable garden for families to gather there. Thank you for giving this perfect idea. My children will definitely be happy and will spend more time playing at home. 👏😍

  2. Posted by LaurieBakkeKitchen, — Reply

    Love this!!!

  3. Posted by erwin_arslan, — Reply

    i love it

  4. Posted by modtrends4u, — Reply

    This is so cool

  5. Posted by adammichelny, — Reply

    in africa ? :)

  6. Posted by dakotageorgia4927, — Reply

    Nursery ideas

  7. Posted by vsims455, — Reply

    Very nice

  8. Posted by debbiewise1990, — Reply

    you can thank you. i enjoy it

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