Netflix Shows to Watch


My husband and I have had Netflix since before it was a streaming service! Here are some of our favorite Netflix shows to Watch.


  1. Posted by NoraBeisser, — Reply

    Shows I Recommend: Umbrella Academy(1 Season, About to be 2), Stranger things(3 seasons), Sherlock(4 Seasons), Riverdale(4 Seasons), Outer banks(1Season), Liv And Maddie(4 Seasons), Alexa And Katie(4 seasons), Fuller House(5 Seasons). I think that's it for Netflix. If you want more shows from Disney+ or Anything else pls let me know. I know a lot if us are bored.

  2. Posted by streetcleaningday, — Reply

    supernatural is good for a long run (or constant binging) because it's 15 seasons long.

  3. Posted by gfischer424, — Reply

    i have an issue I’ve watched every show except 2 on this list...i need help

  4. Posted by Caitlins6207, — Reply

    The Flash, and Arrow are really good, you should watch them.

  5. Posted by aLissa013, — Reply

    The Umbrella Academy👌♥️

  6. Posted by Qveen_Dom, — Reply

    Just got done watching umbrella academy..Chiefs 💋

  7. Posted by briana4320, — Reply

    Gossip Girl is my fave, and The office.

  8. Posted by coconut88, — Reply

    Pretty little liars is sooo good

  9. Posted by natalielovesjeeps, — Reply

    Dark is the way to go!

  10. Posted by emme_tatum, — Reply

    What app did u use to make this

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